EnergyWare, IncoNet EaP Twinning Grant

The project EnergyWare – Energy Efficiency in Warehousing in Maritime Supply Chains, is supported by the International Cooperation Network for Countries from the Eastern Partnership (IncoNet EaP) and coordinated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). It is one of the IncoNet EaP Twinning Grants, named “Clustering of Scientific Projects and Institutions”, for jointly participation in Horizon 2020 calls.

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Short description of the EnergyWare Project

Short name: EnergyWare
Full name: Energy Efficiency in Warehousing along Maritime Supply Chains
Project duration: 9 months, 15.01.2016-14.10.2016
Grant Agreement: No. 609508 – STI International Cooperation Network for countries from the Eastern Partnership
Напрям співпраці: Joint preparation of the proposal under HORIZON 2020
Grant holder (Institution in Germany:
Organization: University of Bremen
  Prof. Dr. Hans-Dietrich Haasis
Chair in Maritime Business and Logistics, team leader
Tel.: (0421) 218 66760
Prof. Dr. Irina Dovbischuk
Chair in Maritime Business and Logistics, Project coordinator
Tel.: (0421) 218 66766
Partners in Ukraine:
Organization: Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (IEE) National technical university of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnical Iinstitute”
Participants: Prof. Dr. Sergii Denysiuk
Director of IEE, team leader
Tel.: +38044 204 8514
Prof. Dr. Oleg Kotsar
Director of Training Centre for Energy Management
Tel.: +38044 204 8607
Yuliia Chernetska
Teaching assistant at Power Supply Department ІЕЕ
Tel.: +38044 204 8607
Organization: Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU)
Participant: Ass. Prof. Vera Baryshnikova
Tel.: +38050 6672592

The central EnergyWare objective is the advancement of the bi-regional Science, Technology, and Innovation dialogue between the involved institutions on German and Ukrainian side: the Chair in Maritime Business and Logistics (University of Bremen), and the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnical Iinstitute) together with the Odessa Maritime University. Selected institutions intend to focus on the societal challenge of mutual national interest for the two regions, namely energy efficiency in warehousing along maritime supply chains.

With regard to thematic focus, the project encompasses arranging of capacity building activities to support the information exchange among partners (1), revealing and selection of other European partners into project consortia based on bi-lateral research networks (2), and elaboration of thematic proposal for the Horizon 2020 Energy-Call “Increasing capacities for actual implementation of energy efficiency measures in industry and services” (3).

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