I was the exchange student between the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and University of South-Eastern Norway.  My study course was Electrical Power Engineering.

When I went to Norway I expected to see why Norway ranks the first place in the list of countries by Human Development Index, what special features has this country. During my living there I understood why. Norway is an amazing and rich country with high level of education, medicine, safety and social welfare.  In this developed country I felt myself protected, inspired, full of interest and energy. 

The biggest difference for me between Norway and Ukraine was education system. I was surprised when I saw my schedule at USN. I couldn`t imagine how to have only one subject per day. In Ukraine we get used to study approximately 10 subjects in semester instead of 4 in Norway. Every day we have 3-4 classes with duration 1.5 hour. So it was as a challenge, something brand new for me. But it turned out to be great, because you learn in depth necessary subjects and I consider this very useful.

During studying I always felt support, assistance and interest to us as international students in Norway from both sides of cooperation program allowed us to enjoy every moment of our living. Possibilities such as operating plant visits, conferences, exhibitions and extracurricular activities gave me the opportunity to grow professionally in worldwide developing subjects and disciplines.

At the end I wish everyone who have a chance to study in Norway DON`T MISS IT! Because it`s the best way to discover Norway and get unforgettable experience for You.

Nike Air Huarache