Being recently graduated from Telemark University College, I still have got fresh memories about this experience. I am really grateful to the people both from TUC and KPI, who made this programme real for the Ukrainian students. This opportunity has developed me as a personality from the standpoint of professional knowledge and general life experience. Not to mention that I have met many various people from different cultures, who brought me more conscience into my life. I would really recommend students from Ukraine to drop all hesitations and grab this chance to make your life more interesting and exciting. From the beginning everything new seems to be difficult, but it is just the first step towards changings in yourself. You should definitely try and thrive. Besides the studying environment is just perfect at TUC. All the students can also participate in all the cultural events at school or create their own. Although the city of Porsgrunn is a small town comparing to many Ukrainian cities, one might find its landscape fascinating. Indeed, there are many facilities to go hiking or simply to do sport on the regular basis. I really hope more Ukrainians will be able to get this chance, therefore, to explore new things and make good friends. 

   Olga Varganova