Decision to apply for exchange program and study abroad was the most life changing decision for me.  I’ve spent two unforgettable years in Porsgrunn and very thankful for this great opportunity. 
    Telemark University College is a great place for knowledge-hungry people. Students get everything needed for study, personal and professional development. But even more important, students get priceless interpersonal experience, new friends from all over the world, possibility to travel and continuously discover new horizons. We were highly participating in social life of school and were encouraged to integrate into Norwegian society. I’ve met many amazing people during these two years and we still keep in touch, despite of distance.  Additionally, we got a great opportunity to improve our English and learn Norwegian, which is very useful for those who decided to stay in Norway.
    Many thanks to teachers for support and to friends for being there for me during this time J
    Nowadays I’m working as system engineer for international corporation (Wärtsilä Corporation, Wärtsilä Norway AS)

   Alina Litovchenko