My name is Arthur Prakhovnik and I was studying "Energy and Environmental technologies" in TUC. I was enrolled as a part of Quota Scheme (2011-2013).What can I say about studying in Norway? Well, I guess it was one of the best periods of my life. I got a huge experience. Life is testing you here all the time in a different ways.
    Are you ready to study or how good you at social life? It does not matter who you were before. Here, in Porsgrunn, you going to be a part of something bigger, something not ordinary. You will explore new cultures, new ways of thinking and this is great! You are becoming opened mind person with a huge opportunity in a future and perfect knowledge to get nice job. Everything what I got from being in Porsgrunn is helping me today. Starting from the people that I got there and ending to information that helps me to be unique professional in my field. Nowadays I have my own training center for energy managers. I’m trying to help people to change all our energy system and to share with them my experience. If someone ever going to invite you to TUC, do not even try to reject it!!!