Everyone is dreaming to live in beautiful fairytale one day. Do you? So did we.   
    Students ofInstitute of Energy Saving and Energy Management NTUU "KPI", with gratitude to our dear curators,  professors and lucky turn of fate, got a chance to spend two years of our student life in Dreamland called Norway. 
    This amazing adventure was started in 2012. As Quota Scheme student I became the Master in "Energy and Environmental Technology" at Telemark University College, defended Master Thesis on norwegian water treatment plant operation with great help of supervisors Galyna Strelkova (NTUU "KPI") and Rune Bakke ("TUC"). High level of support, assistance and interest to us as international students in Norway from both sides of cooperation program allowed us to enjoy every moment of our studying. Possibilities such as operating plant visits, conferences, exhibitions and extracurricular lectures together with our experienced teachers' lessons gave us the opportunity to grow professionally in worldwide developing subjects and disciplines. 
    However not only studying process was important for all of us. Being far away from your Homeland is much easier if you have your friends around you. People which give their smile to you everyday and are ready to be with you no matter what. Ukrainians, norwegians and internationals: all different but all together. This kind of society was created by TUC and International students union for each and with each student: Volleyball and football games, movie nights, concerts and cinema evenings, international days, norwegian language courses - these are what I am really greatful for. 
    Each student of TUC after education ending found or still looking for his own life road, but I am absolutely sure that all these roads will lead us to Happiness and Success. 
    And let this life road be as beautiful as Norwegian landscapes we all loved so much from the first sight.

   Hanna Kibiakova
    Quota Scheme. Master in Energy and Environmental Technology. 2012-2014.