I participated in a program as an exchange PhD student. Without any doubt consultations with different lecturers and PhD students and constant discussions with Prof. Carlos F. Pfeiffer (who was my supervisor) in that half a year resulted in a great leap in my work. The results for my work and for me as a personality were immense. I was able to look at my dissertation from different perspective and meet the challenges using new software and approach. During the program we successfully finished an article which was later delivered at the conference in Aalborg, Denmark. That gave me a unique chance not only to see the European procedure of applying and proceeding the scientific conference, but also to be a co-chairman of one of the sessions.
    This program encourages for active participation in studies, work and social life in TUC. It is a great opportunity to improve English and learn Norwegian, and although I failed Bergentesten, men jeg kan snakke norsk bare bra  I am sure that the program had a great influence on my dissertation, career and life. I am grateful to many people: Galyna Strelkova who encouraged me for participation; Carlos Pfeiffer who was always there with great knowledge and advices; Randi and Uni for organization which made my life so comfortable there; Bernt Lie for tolerance and patience; Wilhelm Rondeel for sharing experiences and many others. This program gives the possibility for both Norwegian and Ukrainian side to learn from each other, to get new ideas and to make this world a little bit more tolerant and friendly.

   Iryna Kalinchyk, PhD exchange student, spring-summer 2014