If you ever have an opportunity to study abroad, defiantly go for it:) because the amount of experience, emotions, New friends and opportunities are numerous:) when I moved from Kiev to Porsgrunn for studies, I didn't know anything about the country basically. But my natural curiosity, never-ending desire of challenges were moving me ahead. I was hungry for knowledge and new experiences:) TUC have me more than that. Despite of practically knowledge I got opportunity to work for university lab and highly participate in social life of school:) the amount of support we, students, got from teachers and administration was tramendous. Moreover while studying I got my best friends, with whom we are in touch no matter distances and life circumstances. I have learnt so much about people from different countries and multicultural communication, that I would nearly could get this staying at homeplace. 2 years in TUC are one of the best in my life:) and I am very thankful for all people whom I met during that time:)
    Nowadays I am working as project engineer for international company (Dresser Rand Siemens Business).

   Iuliia Vinnik
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