My name is Leonid Kulakovskyi. I am a third year PhD student in Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management. From December 2014 till June 2015 I had possibility to do my researches in Telemark University Colleague (TUC) thanks Ukrainian-Norwegian Collaboration on Higher Education for Sustainable Energy Development program. In this university my scientific supervisor was Bernt Lie. He helped me to look for results of my work by the other side and pointed me direction for further research. I am thankful him for that. The process of writing thesis was much more productive than it was in Ukraine as I had so good supervisor and all necessary conditions for work in TUC. Also I always have been visiting Telemark Modeling and Control Center (TMCC) Forums that allowed me to expand my knowledge in computational tools and simulation, optimization, design of control systems, monitoring and fault detection. Taking part in Annual Workshop of  TMCC allowed me not only to present the results of work on my thesis, but also to acquaint with results of another PhD students work, to discuss current issues in the field of energy saving and automatic control in industrial processes. Staying in Norway has allowed me to get practice in speaking in English, which is not enough in Ukraine. In student accommodation I met students from Sri Lanka, Iran, Nepal, Spain, Belgium and others countries that allowed me to better understand the culture of these peoples and their customs. The result of my being in TUC will be article that was writing with professors from TUC. Now I am in a process of ending work on the thesis and the Automation Control of Electrotechnical Systems (ACES) Department has recommended my work for looking in the Academic Council of "Energy systems and complexes that is also one of the main results of my work in TUC. 
    I hope the knowledge that I had gotten in TUC will help me in further researches in Ukraine.
    I want to thank Galyna Strelkova, Randi Holta for possibility of visiting TUC and Norway and all other scientific stuff of university that made the time of being in Norway very pleasure and useful for me.
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