I arrived in Kiev the first week of September to attend my last year of Master of Science in engineering topic. I'm actually an university student in Turin, Italy, in Energetic Engineering. Immediately I have noticed the extreme kindness of all the IEE staff : from the students to the PhDs passing through professors and all employees. As well as kindness I noticed as first impression also the chaotic bureaucracy by which, maybe, Ukrainian used to handle, but I passed, more or less, the first three weeks walking/running office by office : at the end I became an IEE student!
The most important subjects I attended have been about sustainable development, sustainable energy systems, RES and modelling (optimizing) about energy processes - for a total of about 30 ECTS. Per se subject matters were really fascinating, but they were new in my degree course story, therefore double interesting. Besides the arranged courses, I attended a Modeling Process of Sustainable Systems too, arranged together with Telemark University College (Norway), and organized by Prof. Strelkova thanks which, now I know more and better about the topic and also I am here - in Norway - to make my MSc Thesis. 
All can I say, and can I write, are words full of gratitude. What I learned at NTUU is difficult to learn in the all-days life, both personal as well as academical. I handled with prepared, but 
specially humble professors, who were not worried to show interest in students researches and life, who were not worried to keep human and collegiate relationships. I handled also with students who were so happy to help you if you needed so, no matter what. I remained speechless because of the absolute Ukrainian unselfishness in general, in university as well as in my accommodation and in out-university life. 
My only regret has been about the end of my experience at NTUU. Unfortunately, due to my study plan, I had to come back in Italy before the official end of my scholarship and, as a consequence, I passed in Ukraine only the first semester of academic year 2013/2014. But I will thank forever all PhD students, all students, all professors and all office's staffs at NTUU, specially at my faculty : IEE. 
When I will graduate it will be thanks to all of you too. I hope and I try to keep in touch for future works together.`

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