I'm Maksym Kotenko. I studied at TUC from 2012 till 2014.Master program opened much more opportunities for me than I expected and also it expanded my worldview. Not only the new knowledge in professional area but the chance of getting a clue of the life and features of different nationalities and countries not only Norway. On the other hand that is the most easy and amazing opportunity to see most beautiful nature when you are a student. Most of the students are unable to travel due to different reasons, and that is pity because it’s the most appropriate time for adventures and travels. Now I’m PhD student at Aalborg University, Denmark. The subject of my project is District Heating. It is not so relevant to my study at TUC and is more close to study in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Hence TUC gave the experience of general study process in West European countries, in presentation material in English, working in groups, being group leader and many other capabilities without which I could not have gotten this position. And I want other students from Ukraine experience this wonderful time in their lives.