Luxembourg. This land took its beginning from one crossroad and one castle nearby more than a thousand years ago.
The castle was destroyed long ago, but economic and financial crossroads survived, spread  and, finally, created the modern prosperity of Luxembourg.
All major banks have their offices here, in times of Marshall Plan here was the main hub of American money in Europe, nowadays (after Brexit) bankers of London City are moving their offices here… 

At the same time, Luxembourgians had been sending their children to neighbour`s universities traditionally - to France, Germany, Belgium, etc.
As the result - the first university was founded here only in 2003, but its rates rose significantly, till #193 in the World University Rankings and #11 in the Young University Rankings, which is really noteworthy.

The University of Luxembourg is more a global university than a national one.
Therefore, it stakes on foreign students (55% at the moment), including people from outside the borders of the European Union.
To introduce the university to as many students as possible the Summer School (ULISS, University of Luxembourg International Summer School) was founded. 

So, Summer School means:

  • Accommodation in a hostel in the historical centre of Luxembourg for three weeks;
  • Lectures on linguistics, economy, politics and history of Luxembourg and EU;
  • Tour of Belgium (Brugge, Brussels), trips to Vianden, Echternach, Schengen (Luxembourg) and Trier (Germany);
  • A lot of enjoyable free time in beautiful surroundings;
  • Communication with youth from all over the world - our group included students from China, Japan, USA, Canada, India, Russia and Ukraine;
  • A three-week experience of living in one of the most flourishing cities in the Europe (our Chinese ladies have created some proofs,  and

The total cost is 490€ for students from partner universities (to which KPI belongs). That amount of money can hardly cover the expenses of the University of Luxembourg as a host party, as we have calculated during one of the breakfasts.

A lot of changes happened to me during that three weeks. I have seen how people live in the very  heart of Europe - how they work, study, argue, rejoice. I hope, I`ve understood the differences and commons between us. I have tried on myself their patterns of thinking, although not for a long time. I argued about the history of Europe with our curator Pit - and only after returning I have found that he is an author of a fundamental book on this subject:) I`ve discussed a history of the Balkans with a guy from China and Soviet mass building programmes with a guy from Japan. Now my horizons are expanded considerably.

Thanks to the Department of Academical Mobility for this opportunity. Thanks to the University of Luxembourg and its International Relations Office bringing the idea of summer school into life with both care and professionality.

Thanks to Luxembourg for the very fact of its existence)

If you have any questions or doubts about ULISS - you can find me in Telegram,@Mkoltsov. I`ll be happy to answer)