I was the exchange student between the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of KPI and Telemark University College. The main reason why I was in TUC and continued to study in IEE was that I wanted to try myself on new field of studying: my master programs were different. But I have got more than that: the collaboration between two universities gave me the new experience not only related to science: different approach of teaching in Norway has made me more flexible, I started to improve my time management skills. Related to the studying: everything was more than perfect for me. I liked my time in KPI, and equally I liked the time in TUC. The fact that I was involved in some research project in TUC made from me "little scientist" on some time and I like that. I do not have job yet and I have no idea where I will have it, but I 100% sure that the knowledge that I have after these 2 years will help me a lot. Furthermore, I would like to work in somewhere in scientific research group, maybe, even will start my PhD. The main conclusion that I made for myself after finishing of the project - never stop study. I have completed both master theses and now I start to study deeply one course that we studied in TUC. I think, this is what you wanted to give us. The thought about my future all the time are somehow based on my experience within the exchange program. I understand that my 2 years in both universities it is not just work of me and teachers. It is great job of many people. Some of them I even do not know personally. I know that this work is hard. But for many students like me, who wants to learn more and see more, it is the great chance. I thank both sides that you gave me this chance.

   Nastya Prykhodko