In summer 2013 I graduated as Master of Energy and Environmental Technology of TUC. I would like to share my impressions regarding this program I was lucky to be part of 2 wonderful years.
    To begin with, Telemark University College creates perfect studying conditions for students: modern auditoriums, interesting lectures and very friendly teachers that are always ready to answer or clarify any question. I was very impressed with laboratory works (Water Treatment in particular), that give visual evidence of learned during the course material. In addition, I got the experience in using such software as MATLAB and Aspen Hysys that are of high importance for engineering discipline.
    I done my Master thesis with lots of experimental work in laboratory, that was a lot of fun J
    The Exchange Program gave me opportunity to meet and to become friends with people from all over the word and to learn about other cultures …I think food festival is fantastic event. 
    From my point of view, to say that the program is very important for Ukrainian students -  is to underestimate its  real value. The program is perfect continuation of Master Program in IEE, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, which will give understanding of environmentally friendly engineering.

   Kind regards, Nataliia Peresunko
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