Dear target reader,
My name is Valentyna Splavska, I’m PhD student from National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU “KPI”). And this year I have got great opportunity to undergo traineeship at Telemark University College (TUC) in Porsgrunn, Norway – country of the greatest possibilities for young researchers and everyone, who is not indifferent towards science and those, who want not only to talk, but to take an active part in modern science and technologies.
This program aimed to improve the quality of dissertation research. It was written in the official documents. But in real, it is not enough words to describe the role and necessity of this Program in the life of PhD-exchange students.

First of all, I would like to emphasize on the organization’ level of this exchange program – it is high professional level! Each person, involved into the exchange process, clearly and responsibly meets its obligations. They work as coherent mechanism. All questions and issues were solved immediately. Our coordinators, Galyna Strelkova (from Ukrainian side, NTUU “KPI”) and Randi Holta (from Norwegian side, TUC HiT), was all the time keeping the line with all exchange students and, also, helped us to solve any problems and gave us advices, and thanks that, all students was involved into both, at TUC and KPI, educational processes and didn’t miss anything!  
Furthermore, all the staff of the University is tolerant, considerate and attentive to each student and they’re able to find “common language” with each student in spite of difference of languages, mentalities and cultures. Moreover, they took care about students and it helps to survive the anguish and yarning for parents and home. Student’s organization makes all the time some activities, animations and thematic meetings for interesting spending free-time of students and becoming acquainted within student’s community from different countries and for association of them. There is never feels boring and lonely!  

To encourage students for future applying the job, TUC has organized Job-Fair Day, where students could talk with real HRs from different scales companies and try themselves in the applying process. During such meetings students could talk with company’s representatives, try to apply and some lucky even could apply right there – that is for real! Also, within this Vacancy Day we had possibility to visit short lecture from professional HR about how to make CV, what you have to write in cover letter and what is not allowed to write there, how to introduce yourself, how to prepare for forthcoming interview, what is better to wear for this meeting and how to act during it. That is very important for young specialist to be able to introduce yourself in the best way, that’s why, I think, such meetings with representatives from different companies very useful for our future career! Even being in this high professional atmosphere, staying next to successful persons and talking and looking on them, increases our informative level and our chances for future success in applying!     
Also, I would like to notice the work of supervisors, who nevertheless to theirs schedule and lessons, can always find time for meeting. My supervisor was Erik Lars Øi. Direction of my and his researches was not so relative, but nevertheless he gave me advices concerning structure of my dissertation, outlined main points of the research direction and discussed with me concerning my research problems. Thanks to his advices, I have developed the draft to the calculation methodology of environmental impact of residential buildings and I’m continuing to improve it now. I’m grateful for his work!

During my traineeship program I could use great database of scientific papers from scientific journals from specialists all over the world. Thanks that I have finished the first chapter of my dissertation connected with global best practice in this field and overview of literature concerning problem of research. Also, I have written few scientific papers, based on the information that I had found in the electronic library. One of them was published and the rest will be published in nearest future.
Also, I have collaborated with ENSI (Oslo, Norway) concerning issues of energy efficiency in buildings and software for definition the total energy use and energy efficiency of building. I have got official educational license for the EAB Software v.8.1, that I use for my research.

Each student, thanks to the wide informational network, could know about important forthcoming events and exhibitions not only within Campus, but also far from it. Thus, I was informed about Stavanger OTD-2013 and, of course, I have visited this one of the greatest event of technological world. Honestly, that is better to visit once, than to talk about it, because words are not enough to show all my impressions about it. Such concentration of high-developed modern technologies and high-professional companies could leave indifferent nobody! And I’m thankful to TUC and KPI, who gifted me this chance to visit this important for my career event and to become acquainted with representatives of different European companies in energy field. Next OTD-2014 exhibition will be held in Bergen this year and there is no doubt that you can meet me there!

Also, I want to notice, that to make more comfortable staying in Norway, TUC organizes every year brief language course, where you can learn basic Norwegian. It is very useful and it helps so much within every day domestic life and thanks to the teaching methodic using there after 6-7 lessons you feel yourself more comfortable in domestic life.
So, summing up, I can confidently state, that during this traineeship, I have got excellent experience that, no doubts, will be useful not only for my further research, but for my future career and all my life in general. I’m grateful to everyone, who took part in organization this exchange program! Telemark University College becomes the second home for each student who came here at least once! If you don’t believe, try it by yourself, you will enjoy it, for sure!
Best regards,
Valentyna Splavska
P.S. If you still have doubts or questions about this Program don’t hesitate and feel free to contact with me via this e-mail: