Two years spent in Porsgrunn are without doubt the happiest and funniest years in my life.
    I have experienced the difference in educational systems between Norway and Ukraine and I have learnt not only professional but also valuable social and intercultural skills.
    These two years have been simply open-minding. 
    I've improved my English and learnt Norwegian, visited several other European countries, met new friends and expanded my professional network.
    Without Quota Scholarship it would not be possible for me to afford education in Norway and experience all above mentioned.
    Jeg er veldig takknemlig for at jeg fikk mulighet til å lære et nytt språk og kultur gjennom Quota Scheme og at jeg kan bidra med min kompetanse til økt samarbeid mellom Norge og Ukraina og det internasjonale samfunnet.

   Vladyslav Shchuchenko
   Master student at TUC, 2009-2011