Olga Varganova

Being recently graduated from Telemark University College, I still have got fresh memories about this experience. I am really grateful to the people both from TUC and KPI, who made this programme real for the Ukrainian students.

Maksym Kotenko

    I'm Maksym Kotenko. I studied at TUC from 2012 till 2014.Master program opened much more opportunities for me than I expected and also it expanded my worldview.

Mykola Klopot

Two years of studying at Telemark University College was literally the greatest period of my student life. For me TUC means modern and progressive education, friendly atmosphere, kind and responsive professors, assistants and administration...

Nataliia Nikolaieva

    I was studying Energy and Environmental Technology in 2012 - 2014 in TUC in Porsgrunn, through the Quota Scheme. Now I am trainee process engineer in water treatment in a norwegian company located also in Porsgrunn. 

Hanna Kibiakova

Everyone is dreaming to live in beautiful fairytale one day. Do you? So did we.

Alina Litovchenko

Decision to apply for exchange program and study abroad was the most life changing decision for me.  I’ve spent two unforgettable years in Porsgrunn and very thankful for this great opportunity.

Nataliia Peresunko

 In summer 2013 I graduated as Master of Energy and Environmental Technology of TUC. I would like to share my impressions regarding this program I was lucky to be part of 2 wonderful years.

Marina Zinchenko

I appreciate the opportunity to study at Telemark University College that was given me by National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"

Arthur Prakhovnik

My name is Arthur Prakhovnik and I was studying "Energy and Environmental technologies" in TUC. I was enrolled as a part of Quota Scheme (2011-2013)

Iuliia Vinnik

If you ever have an opportunity to study abroad, defiantly go for it:) because the amount of experience, emotions, New friends and opportunities are numerous:)