For the first time, I was thinking to apply for this program in February 2009.That time it was only one available place. But due to some reason, it was not possible for me to enter the program.  
    I have tried my best on the next year and have got a scholarship.
    It was an amazing time!!!!! But, of course, it was very difficult in the beginning! I shied to talk English, because before I didn't have so much practice. So it was a challenge, but, at the same time, it was huge step on a way of improvement both language and knowledge!!!
    Education in Norway is quite different from education in Ukraine. That is why, it was really difficult to adapt to the new educational system. But after a second semester I have gained a clear understanding how I can achieve the best results.
    In a parallel with education I was trying to be involved in social student's life. I was one of the members (vice financial manager) of International Student Union.
    There were a lot of parties, traveling, fun…..:)
    I was writing my Master Thesis in cooperation with Norconsult AS. After graduation I got a summer trainee position in this company and afterwards a project work.
    But I was dreaming to work in international company, so I have applied for the Graduate Engineering Program in FMC Technologies and got a job offer there!

   Milena Malkova
    2 years Quota Scheme program (2010 - 2012) in Process Technology