Participation in exchange program in TUC is one of the brightest and interesting events in my life. This magnificent project helped me to get a high level of knowledge and practical skills. Consultations with such professionals of the highest level as Prof. Carlos F. Pfeiffer, Prof. Nils-Olav Skeie allowed me to hold following targets: 

    - allowed evolving and implementing new ideas in my research
    - improve English skills
    - get acquainted with the system of teaching in one of the leading European universities ─ Telemark University College;
    - networking with TUC lecturers, students;
    - learn new software tools;
    - application of new knowledge and skills to perform thesis research;

    During my staying in Norway I met a lot of wonderful people who became my friends. With many of them I still keep in touch. I think that such international friendship and fellowship is the biggest advantage of this program. Students who come to TUC receive not only knowledge they receive a wide range of acquaintances, friends and colleagues around the world.
    After finishing exchange program I continue my PhD project in Ukraine. I want to connect my future with new technologies and scientific investigations.

   Ivanko Dmytro, Ph.D. exchange student at TUC, 2014.