First, the higher education system in Norway involves a departure from coercion to control, namely: the student chooses electives, decides when to perform certain tasks (the main thing to keep deadlines), the concept of the group is absent - there are only other students with whom you have the courses may coincide. Any communication with teachers is primarily by email. Training is focused on the subject, so there can be only one discipline for each school day (for example, physics, which means that there will be one or two lectures and practical classes, only in physics). In addition, the number of subjects is surprisingly low, compared to Ukrainian University - 4 instead of 12. However, the number of credits is even higher, so the focus of study and the volume of four subjects is several times higher than in Ukraine. This allows you to study the material at a normal, straightforward pace, paying attention to every detail and returning to incomprehensible concepts.

Secondly, the digitalization of the educational process is at the present level. The student performs basic operations through a dedicated web portal, such as browsing lectures, getting practical assignments, uploading a performance report, tracking lectures and deadlines on the calendar, corresponds with teachers, reviews the location of a specific lecture or exam room on a map for days to the event, etc. Such integration of technology at a technical university may no longer impress a student, but it does save a huge amount of time, which is usually spent on moving papers and signing them.

Overall, this experience will surely point you to your shortcomings in terms of self-organization, sociability, and resilience (especially in the first two weeks), but will create an incredible window of opportunity as soon as you accomplish the task. Norway is an extremely beautiful country and this university will prove to you that it is not only water and stone. So first study and then travel, the main thing to remember the Norwegian saying: "there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes".

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