I’m a Master student at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. I have been at University of South-Eastern Norway for 6 months as an exchange student.

It was very great, useful and unforgettable experience in everything: study, language, travelling, culture, life in general.

For me USN means modern and progressive education, friendly atmosphere, kind and responsive professors, assistants and administration, the place where students are free to express their ideas and implement them. USN provides very comfortable working conditions and support for students. USN gave the experience of general study process in West European countries, in presentation material in English, working in groups, being group leader and many other useful capabilities. That’s why I could enjoy my study. 

Quite long period of life in Porsgrunn gave me an opportunity to make close friends from all over the World, to get know their cultures, to practice English in every-day life, to travel to amazing places in Norway.

I wish other students to have the same possibility for studying in Norway and spend wonderful time in Porsgrunn!

I’m grateful for this opportunity to feel and enjoy life and study at USN!

Adidas yeezy