Hello, I’m Liubomyr. I’ve just finished my education both in TUC and KPI. In TUC, I studied in the Master of Science Program in System and Control Engineering during 2013-2015 years.  Now I’m searching job and have small summer job in TUC with my master thesis supervisor Bernt Lie. 
    The exchange program for studying in Norway was very exciting for me and I’m glad that I was part of this. First of all, I got really useful experience which, I’m sure, will help me in the future. All that work with modern equipment and topics was very interesting and gave a lot of new knowledge. All that new people and friends that I met together with comfortable and pleasure place for living made my staying in Norway very exciting and interesting. I met many of different cultures and studied a lot of them and of cause got something new for my view in the life. As I like travels and Norway has very beautiful nature, I opened also many different and specular place during travelling with my friends.
    In the end, I’d like to say thanks for everyone who helped me to get/live/study here and was with me during this time. I hope this program will still change someone's lives in the future. And after this all this guys can use that experience for themselves and their Motherlands.