Finally, with delay of one month due to some complications regarding my visa, I arrived in Kyiv in beginning of October 2014. As an exchange student from the Free University of Berlin I would study the upcoming two semesters at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, more precisely at the Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management.

The first weeks I could not really discover much from the city. Partly because days became shorter, but first and foremost because of the vast bureaucracy which, as one told me, is typical for Ukraine. Nevertheless the staff from the international office and my fellow students helped me a lot wherever they were able to and in the end I received my residence permission in December. From then on I could focus on my studies and discover the city with all its wide-ranging facets. Besides the obligational administrative affairs, the international office supported me in my first steps outside the university. Thanks to them I found a language school so I realised my plans to improve my Russian skills during my stay in Kyiv.

As a master student I had to attend academic courses in the total amount of 60 ECTS, thirty for each semester. Originally studying developing sciences at my home university, consistently I chose those subjects at the institute which were most related to the fields of sustainable energy and resource management, such as Prof. Kotsar, lecturer of the latter course, was really engaged in teaching me a lot about the working principles of the Ukrainian electricity market.

The new expertise which I gained during my lectures at the KPI became especially useful, when I became voluntary active in a local NGO which is working in the field of energy efficiency. In this way, I was able to apply my knowledge about the energy markets in Ukraine in a practical way as well as broaden my personal horizon during my stay in Kyiv.

All in all I can say is that I never regret the decision to study as a scholar of the ERASMUS Mundus programme Euroeast at the KPI for a whole academic year. Rather, I want to thank all those persons from the KPI who supported me so greatly during all my time in Kyiv.